Upcoming Sunday Service Topics

November 26 – Abundant Love by Rev. Jim Coakley. Isn’t the phrase “everyone is worthy of being loved” a restatement of our first principle – “We affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person”?  If so, it implies that as Unitarian Universalists we are called to love abundantly, but the breath and fluidity of human relations is so expansive that such a call seems daunting.  How can we love the stranger we’ve never met, our co-workers, our friends in this congregation, and our life partners simultaneously?


December 3 – The Universality of Hope by Rev. Jim Coakley. The yearning for hope is such a strong human condition that all the major world religions contain a message of hope.  Which of these can offer insight and support for your faith journey?


December 10 – “Peace on Earth” Kirtan led by Taku C Ronsman. Includes Call and Response Chanting within a Drum & Dance Circle.


December 17 – Winter Solstice Service

Celebrate the return of the light with a candlelight service full of greenery and solstice traditions…and maybe even some dancing!


December 24 – Christmas Eve Service

Join us on Christmas Eve at our normal 10 a.m. service time for a traditional Christmas service. Come as you are and bring the whole family for a service filled with music, memories, and special treats.


December 31 – When Wrong Becomes Right by Michael Schuler